Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fred got laid off: it's on the foreclosure list now

A gem from Jim the Realtor.

PS.  Even the title is not original - it was purloined from the comments.


Rowan said...

That was one item of clothing away from being a B grade porno !

Kim Rampling said...

"Go on buy it for me, Brad!"

(Note the before last beach shot showing a beach front walk way between the beach and the house...)

"Sigh! Just do it for me Brad!"

Rich said...

Didn't know you've diversified into real estate porn, like HGTV.

Do they market real estate in Australia the same way?

Robert in Chicago said...

The "laid off" comment was OK but this one made me LOL:

"If you wanted to do a satire of this, you would just run it again."

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous house! Aside from the tatty bathroom it's lovely. How much is it on the market for?

paulbistro said...

Great house and intriguing video. The home gets more face time than the realtor. Refreshing. I would like to see more interior shots since Kappe is an architectural icon. Definitely out-of-the-box. Kudos for creativity.

paulbistro said...

Great Out-of-the-box video.

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